Kevin Thomas

Breed: BSH

Color: Fawn

DOB: 08/30/2018

Sire: Wildfireshine Barsik Thomas

Dam: Cheshirelady Vanessa

Kevin is a TICA registered male and he is the king of the house. He was our first cat and an inspiration for starting Kevin's Cattery. He is the wisest cat and has always been a loyal part of the family. While Kevin is no longer active male, he still participates in the cattery by being the cool uncle who always plays with all of the kittens, keeping them and himself fit while at it.


Our Kings



Aramis Von Shmidt

Breed: BSH

Color: Blue/BRI a

DOB: 08/03/2020

Sire: World.CH.Windymeadow Magneto

Dam: Int.Ch. Air Jordan's Tinkerbell

Aramis is a TICA GRAND CHAMPION, and he is son of World Champion Windymeadow Magneto. 

He has amazing personality: super smart, hand loving male. He has a big, massive body, and  gorgeous big kind cooper eyes. His coat is velvet and dense.



Quabek Marvelous Lord*RU

Breed: BSH

Color: Lilac/BSH c

DOB: 06/16/2021

Sire: CH Koala von Walder*D

Dam: Teila Marvelous lord*RU


Quabek is TICA registered and  has European Champion bloodlines.

His coat is light beige, with very silky fur. He has very strong muscles, chunky face and gorgeous amber eyes. He is cuddly, friendly and a playful boy.



Shaticohome Elias

Breed: BSH

Color; Cream

DOB: 10/26/2020

Sire: GICh.Ablikats Haalley-Hans

Dam: Ablikats Quincy



Elias (Nick name is Peach) is TICA registered and comes from European Champion bloodlines.

He is calm, serious and well-mannered male. He has beautiful, round, deep amber eyes. His body is muscular, his cream coat is super plush, which is finished with his gorgeous stripy tail.



Hazel Shinesimphony 

Breed: BSH

Color: Blue/BRI a

DOB: 05/10/20

Sire: Hummer Silvery Snow

Dam: Jaguarstar Eva

Hazel has a big fluffy and stripped tail. She's a well poised cat that is gentle to all other cats and humans around her. 



Teddyscats Xenia

Breed: BSH

Color: Blue/BRI a

DOB: 06/07/20

Sire: RW SGC King Filip of Azurute-King, AT

Dam: Roxie Hart Just Blue*PL

Xenia is a friendly cat that loves activities and human interaction. She is second to none when it comes to making her biscuits, something that is later passed down to her kitties. 



Teddyscats Franceska

Breed: BSH

Color: Blue/BRI a

DOB: 09/08/2021

Sire: Gabriel of Kings Avenue

Dam: Oprah from house of Teddycats

Franceska is a mommy that never stops purring and following her owners. She is very talkative and likes attention from whoever it might be. 



Teddyscats Filippa

Breed: BSH

Color: Blue/BRI a

DOB: 09/08/2021

Sire: Gabriel of Kings Avenue

Dam: Oprah from house of Teddycats

Filippa is a gorgeous lady with incredible soft coat and beautiful cooper eyes, sweetest personality:cuddly purring and playful girl. We expect the cutest babies in the world from her!


Gender: Female

Color: Lilac

Age: 3 Years Old

Our Queens



Kevinsbhcattery Camilla

Breed: BSH

Color: Lilac/BSH c

DOB: 09/15/2020

Sire: Kevin Thomas

Dam: Daniella Olivia Charm



Camilla is serious and smart lady, cuddly and sweet girl. She's a caring mother who loves to constantly talk and play with her kitties. Very rich and silky coat that carries cinnamon shades. 

IMG_4763 2_edited.jpg


Xantia Platinum Bear

Breed: BSH

Color: White Orange eyed/ BRI w62

DOB: 07/11/2021

Sire: Ivan Lovely Cat

Dam: Pussy Platinum Bear

Xantia (nick name is Liza) is a very curious and active mommy. She likes to discover different areas of the house and explore them with her kittens. Liza's kittens can be bi-color, calico, odd-eyed,and come in different color combinations. 


"What greater gift than the love of a cat".

-Charles Dickens-

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