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Raising Fluffy Best Friends Like None-other  

Kevin's Cattery


About Us

Located in Dallas Texas, our family collectively runs a small TICA registered cattery by the name of "Kevinscattery". Here all of our cats and kittens are our family members; they raised with care, treated with love and exceptionally prepared towards their eventual departure into their new homes.

Our devotion to breeding exquisite BSH blue, lilac, white, and bicolor cats with captivating amber eyes extends beyond mere interest; it's our lifelong passion. Through careful selection and a commitment to the highest standards of breeding, we ensure that each cat we produce carries the legacy of the finest European Champion bloodlines.


The British Shorthair Breed

Easygoing, these cats enjoy attention and are normally quiet,  occasionally having bursts of crazed activity before changing back into your affectionate, dignified friend. British Shorthairs are calm and undemanding, easily getting along with children and cat-friendly dogs. Regardless of gender, both grow attached and want only to be with their people, not necessarily on a lap, but next to them or in the same room with them, never leaving your side.


"Time spent with cats is never wasted".

~Sigmund Freud~

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